Bird Control Advisory - Project Consultant
Bird Control Consultant for Architects, Engineers, Facilities Managers, Design-Builders, & Installers



Do you need a knowledgeable and dynamic speaker to shed light on the broad strokes or finer details of bird control? 

For A/E/C Firms and Governmental Agencies:

Learn why you should pay attention to birds, how to identify the target species, the methods of mitigation available, and which ones may be right for integration into your projects.


Taught from 12 years of research, field and business experience focused on structural bird control. Bridging pest control with architecture and construction, speaking engagements are a little biology and animal behavior, a bit of architecture studies and even lessons on the business of successful bird work.

For Installation Services Companies:

Learn site investigation techniques, documentation and record keeping, proposal development and pricing strategy, safe work practices, job and work planning. Learn snippets of material reserved for consulting clients.