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Bird Control Expert For Commercial, Industrial, and Architectural Projects

Bird Control Advisory is a specialty consultancy in the niche trade of bird control. A marriage of the pest control industry and the architectural/engineering community, Bird Control Advisory is an established expert resource for those who need bird mitigation and those who provide solutions.

Bird Control Advisory acts as the project owner’s trusted resource to ensure that a proper and sufficient bird mitigation strategy is enacted. Example markets where our experience is applied include mass transit systems, aerospace, governmental entities, infrastructure rehabilitation, stadiums and hospitality centers, healthcare facilities, historic restoration projects, retail, and new development construction.

After 12 years integrating design/build bird mitigation systems our Principal Consultant now focuses on making bird control work better, both for those who buy and those who sell solutions. Bird Control Advisory stays on the pulse of modern technology in bird control strategy, techniques, and equipment—all to give you exceptional advice that will last for years to come.


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Bird Control Service Areas


With no agenda to sell particular products or services, Bird Control Advisory is your go-to resource for quality information to make the right decisions for your project. Our "Birdproof by Design" service creates mitigation without deterrents. Learn more...

Government Agencies & Facilities Managers

You know you need the lowest responsible price, but are not sure what to ask for. Bird Control Advisory acts as your Owner's Rep to write clear scope of work documents that lead to "apples to apples pricing" for a professionally designed solution quality assurance of your chosen vendor. 

DBE / WBE Services

Bird Control Advisory, a Small & Woman-owned Business Enterprise (WBE) that is also a Disadvantaged Business Entity (DBE) participates in design/build supply and install processes. Our participation doing project management, shop drawings, and quality assurance of bird work helps meet your project's requirements for DBE/WBE spending.

Education & Speaking

Demystifying bird control is in itself a creative practice. It requires understanding of environmental science, technical know-how, and in many ways, empathy. Bird Control Advisory engages, teaches, and trains the broad philosophies and nuanced details that ensure mitigation of pest bird problems through building design or systems integration.

Bird Control BUSINESS STRATEGY & Marketing

Running a bird control company is rife with challenges. The high prices of this work means a long lead time from proposal to sale. Keeping the calendar full and managing your pipeline are key. Bird Control Advisory can help you find new opportunities and increase your rate of closing them.  Learn more...

Installation Project Management

Bird Control work is quite different from traditional pest control. Whether you need help finding opportunities, planning for that "big job" or an independent expert to perform a site evaluation and client interface, Bird Control Advisory can help. Contact us for more information. 


Bird Control is a blend of Environmental Science, Technical Know-how, and Project Management.

The art is weaving the various elements into a successful project.
— Bird Control Advisory


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