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Bird Control Consultant for Architects, Engineers, Facilities Managers, Design-Builders, & Installers

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Bird Control Advisory leverages knowledge to support client needs as a trusted advisor for bird mitigation projects in Transportation, Infrastructure, Aviation, Historic Restoration, Government Contracting, Commercial Property Development, Retail, and Healthcare Institutions. Projects include integration of all types of Bird Deterrent Systems: Bird Spikes, Bird Wire Systems, Bird Netting, Electric Track Deterrent Systems, and newer technologies.

Clients Expect An architect or engineer to have knowledge of so many things.

but bird control is not Likely one of them.

Bird Control Advisory leverages Skill and experience
To support client needs as a trusted Independent consultant For solving bird control problems.

Urban Environments
Buildings and roadways that make up our urban environments are the primary focus of our services. Whether it is mass transit related, retail, residential, commercial, or governmental, Bird Control Advisory projects solve and prevent even the toughest bird problems. 

Birds and planes don’t mix well. Part of any successful FAA Wildlife Mitigation Strategy is your plan to discourage birds from congregating on buildings being constructed on and around the nation’s commercial airports. Bird Control Advisory reduces the risk of pest birds by coordinating your firm’s and your project’s efforts with the expectations of the USDA, FAA, and airport operators.

Birds and their droppings are responsible for numerous communicable diseases. Those most affected are people with weakened immune systems. The last thing patients, visitors, and staff want to see is the unsightliness of bird droppings in an environment where people go to get well. Bird Control Advisory knows where to find and how to eliminate the toughest bird problems and hospitals. 

Bird Control work relating to transportation facilities and infrastructure rehabilitation is essential. Millions of Americans who travel daily on the nation’s and your locality’s bridges, roadways, railways, airports and intermodal transit centers rely on this kind of work.

Whether it is as minor as the nuisance of pest birds and the unsightly aesthetic birds and their droppings create, or something as severe as the I-35 Minnesota bridge collapse in 2007, the taxpaying public expects those responsible to address the plague of pest birds inherently found in/around terminals and under roadways, overpasses, and bridges.

Historic Buildings
Birds love the decorative elements and sheltered ledges of historic buildings almost as preservation architects. When working to restore these treasured structures, Bird Control Advisory’s extensive experience is invaluable. Bird deterrence done poorly is worse than no bird control at all. 

There is nothing worse for corporate image than the unsightliness of bird droppings on a storefront facade, signage, or sidewalks. Besides the need for more frequent cleaning, painting, or replacement of signs and awnings, birds and their droppings cost you business from customers who are turned off by the sanitary conditions of your establishments. Whether it is a true urban facade situation or a suburban strip mall location, Bird Control Advisory can help solve this problem.

Commercial Construction
Are you bidding a job and need some help? Let Bird Control Advisory be your resource to ensure you have received apples to apples quotes from bidding subcontractors. 

Not sure what's being called for by the specifying entity? BCA can help make sense of the bird control element of any project and show you what needs to be done. 

The low bid public contracting process required for many of these projects often leads to low quality results throughout the whole process. Poor quality bird control is unfortunately the norm on most public works transit and infrastructure projects. Public contracting and the mandate for low-bid typically leads to mediocre results with respect to bird control work. Bird Control Advisory can change all that by implementing higher level standards than the norm for no-hassle contracting.