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Shop Drawings

Bird Control Installations as part of the construction process requires a set of shop drawings. Bird Control Advisory applies the industry standards and best practices of installations to the unique project location.

The Construction Documents You Need To Get Working


Shop Drawings For Bird Control Projects From $500

The construction process includes a dialogue of documentation. Once you have been issued a contract award or notice to proceed as a participant in a construction project, the next step is to produce a set of Shop Drawings that graphically lay out the products that will be used as part of the project and explain your intended Bird Control Installation. 

What are shop drawings?
A set of Shop Drawings is more than just the bird control product manufacturer's standard cut-sheets that show a product's dimensions. They are drawn for each project individually to clearly show the scope & limits of work for the bird control system installation. The set will clearly show the relationship between the materials being installed and the surfaces to which they are being attached. 

How long does it take to get Shop Drawings made?
How long it takes to produce a full set of Shop Drawings depends on how big a project you have? It also depends on how many different kinds of bird deterrent systems are going to be installed and in how many different locations or conditions at the site.

Why should you hire Bird Control Advisory to create the Shop Drawings for your project?
Bird Control Advisory understands Bird Control better than a random architect or engineering firm draftsmen. We have an extensive library of previous projects from which to draw upon in order to avoid starting each project from scratch. We also understand what you are trying to show and know how to incorporate the flexibility to adjust to field conditions without conflict later. 

How much do Shop Drawings cost to get done?
The cost of Shop Drawings for a Bird Control System Installation is relative to the size and complexity of the project. As a Subcontractor for Installing a Bird Deterrent System, it is important to factor in this cost and identify your intent to provide these to the Contractor.

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