Bird Control Advisory - Project Consultant
Bird Control Consultant for Architects, Engineers, Facilities Managers, Design-Builders, & Installers


When Bird Control goes bad:

The installer blames the product. 

The manufacturer blames the installer. 

Your boss or client blames you, the architect, engineer, or project manager.

Bird Control Advisory is your trusted resource to navigate all the conflicting and erroneous information provided by competing manufacturers and potential service providers.


Design Consulting

A thorough and proper analysis of your project renderings, drawings, and models is essential to the success of a bird mitigation strategy. Even minor tweaks and changes to design elements or material selection can have a profound result in reducing pest bird problems and save you or your clients money.

Take advantage of the vast experience Bird Control Advisory has developing custom bird deterrent systems and installing those made by all the leading manufacturers.

By taking control over the integration of any bird deterrent system into your project, we ensure success and improve results over using manufacturer provided generic templates, or worse; leaving the design and integration up to the low bid subcontractor installer. 


Bird Control Systems Development

Proper development of a bird control system usually requires customized solutions with some combination of products: Bird Netting, Bird Shock Systems, Post & Wire, and even some Bird Spikes.

Within these product categories, there are variations available and decisions to be made relative to your unique project.

Bird Control Advisory takes you through this process with an unbiased vantage, helping you get the greatest value and aesthetics out a bird control system. 

The impartiality of Bird Control Advisory as owners rep avoids conflict of interest situations with public sector bid development.  


Specification Writing

The generically written and mass distributed 3 part long format specifications for Division 10’s Bird Control sections 10290, 108113, 10X, etc. are not good enough for you.

We do the work for you: Quality custom written specifications that balances getting you the best qualities of the available systems with the availability of competition to keep the installation costs down.

Whether as a subcontracted service to provide drawings / model integration or as an advisor in conjunction with your existing project staff, applying our unique knowledge and perspective to the construction documents phase is invaluable at the installation time to ensuring quality. 


Ongoing Consulting Retainer Program

If your firm or entity is frequently responsible for projects in urban areas where pest birds are a concern then you need Bird Control Advisory’s ongoing Retainer Program.

This program is intended for clients who want things professionally and objectively reviewed or need “little help” on projects as go-to resource for responsible answers to your questions about pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and gulls. 

Apply our retainer time to individual projects services such as a site investigation, spec writing, drawings development, quality assurance planning, or even a firm wide continuing education function. 

Bird Control Advisory is available provide a cursory review of your firm’s portfolio of projects and revisions on an ongoing basis. Either in-person or remotely, we stand ready to assist your staff and clients with their bird control needs. With my history and insight to draw upon, BCA is the one source for all your bird control answers. 

This program can be scaled to individual offices, business lines, project types, or on a firm wide basis.