Bird Control Advisory - Project Consultant
Bird Control Consultant for Architects, Engineers, Facilities Managers, Design-Builders, & Installers

Pest Industry

Inspection and Report Generation

Design Analysis Review

Specification Writing

Drawings Production

Environmental Assessment

Systems Development

Quality Assurance

Management & Strategic Consulting for the Pest Control Industry

Bird Control Advisory experience includes the review, quotation, planning and managed completion of hundreds of jobs for government entities, sophisticated architecture firms, facility operators, and property managers throughout the country using electric track systems, netting, post & wire, gull wire, spikes and creative alternatives unique to individual situations. 

Inspection and Report Generation

Identifying and understanding the problem at hand. 

Environmental Assessment

Learn how your problem relates to the world around. We determine the likelihood of a problem relative to the expense of prevention. 

Job Planning & Pricing Strategy

Figuring the price of a job is about more than a formulaic approach of Materials & Labor plus the cost of a boom lift as many installers have been taught. In addition to a takeoff or site visit for measurements, it is essential to recognize the unique logistical elements and challenges a project poses. These influence pricing up front and put safety or profits at risk. 

System Development & Integration

Your competition has access to the same products and materials you do. What sets your work apart is truly understanding what your customers want and need. Ensuring lasting results with minimal headache is the key to project success.

Construction Documents Production

Crafting the instructions which get you the job you need done the way you want it.  Providing better clarity, getting better results. This consistently overlooked measure in the planning for bird deterrence leads to higher costs, change orders, and confusion in the bidding process.

Project Management

The research, paperwork, planning, and submittals on large projects can be more work than most firms prepare for or are capable of. Bird Control Advisory can assist with the creation of proposal documents, work and safety plans, shop drawings, and more. 


The experience and knowledge found at Bird Control Advisory spans business development, online marketing, company operations, event logistics, IT services, global sourcing, and relationship building. 


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