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EWR Substation Initial Fee

EWR Substation Initial Fee


The service being purchased in the initial hour of consulting services in accordance with the proposal sent via e-mail on 7/14/17

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The initial engagement requested consists of a design review and conversational recommendations to mitigate risk of pest bird infestation due to design concerns for the Newark Airport Substation, including but not necessarily limited to the exterior wall(s): 

  1. With an NDA in place if necessary, Kiewit to supply BCA (Consultant) with drawings to be reviewed and discussed remotely via phone and web.
  2. Consultant to review and discuss impact of design on likelihood of pest bird infestation.
  3. Consultant to identify and present strategies for bird mitigation through design measures or through integrated systems in lieu of design changes.
  4. Deliverable: 1-2 page maximum narrative to document the activity of our web-session and summary of any design changes and/or mitigation strategy recommendations.


This service does not include system design/development or integration related architectural items. Once this initial work is completed, Bird Control Advisory will, if requested, provide a separate proposal for integrative system design development.


Consulting Fee Structure:

Initial Project Fee, including 1 hour of Consulting: $500.00

Additional time: $250 per hour, billable in half-hour increments.


All work in this initial phase shall be remote and therefore no expenses are anticipated.


Initial Project Fee will be billed at the project outset (net 30). Additional hourly fees billed monthly, (net 30.)
Credit Card Payment Accepted and Preferred.