Bird Control Advisory - Project Consultant
Bird Control Consultant for Architects, Engineers, Facilities Managers, Design-Builders, & Installers

Existing Buildings

Inspection and Report Generation

Design Analysis Review

Specification Writing

Drawings Production

Environmental Assessment

Systems Development

Quality Assurance

Ask three companies how to handle a bird problem and you get three different answers and three different prices.

With no incentive to sell expensive systems or costly installations, let Bird Control Advisory provide answers. Our Principal Consultant is a true industry expert, familiar with all types of systems and solutions, able to help our clients make the right decisions.

Inspection and Environmental Assessment

Identifying and understanding the problem at hand. Learn how your problem relates to the world around. We determine the likelihood of a problem relative to the expense of prevention. 

Scope of Work Development

Crafting the instructions which get you the job you need done the way you really need.  Providing better clarity, getting better results. Get apples to apples pricing from vendors. 

Independent PRoposal/bid Review

Looking at what is planned to ward off problems in advance or plan for integrative systems should they be deemed necessary.

Quality Assurance

Field inspections and commissioning services holds installation contractors to higher standards and increases the likelihood of a system's success. 




Solving A Problem Others Ignore

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