Bird Control Advisory - Project Consultant
Bird Control Consultant for Architects, Engineers, Facilities Managers, Design-Builders, & Installers

Consulting Services

. Critical inspection of the existing conditions. 

b. Preparation of reports describing the existing conditions to be delivered in verbal and/or written form to the Board of Directors. These reports include cost estimates along with the various alternates available. 

c. Preparation of Specifications, Drawings and other pertinent contract documents, for presentation to the Contractors invited to submit bid proposals for the proposed project. 

d. Analyze the bid proposals, submitted by the contractors invited to bid by the Board of Directors, and prepare a spread sheet for presentation to the Board of Directors. Bids must be collected by the Board or their Management Company.

e. Preparation and/or review of Construction Contracts.

f. Meet with the suffessful bidder to review insurance, job scheduling, payment breakdowns along with methods and materials of construction.

g. Observation of the on-going work with preparation of weekly reports, describing the progress and quality of the work, to be presented to the Board of Directors.

h. Review and approval of the Contractors periodic requisitions for payment. 

i. Sign off on the completed work, as well as the collection of all required guarantee forms. 

j. Perform Controlled Inspections.

k. Perform Violation Removal Certifications.