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Consulting Services

When Bird Control goes bad:

The installer blames the product. 

The manufacturer blames the installer. 

Your boss or client blames you, the architect, engineer, or project manager.


Summary of Consulting Services Available

The services provided by Bird Control Advisory are geared toward three defined segments. For the most applicable information, please click the link to your service need from the list below:


A thorough and proper analysis of your project renderings, drawings, and models is essential to the success of a bird mitigation strategy. Even minor tweaks and changes to design elements or material selection can have a profound result in reducing pest bird problems and save you or your clients money.

By taking control over the integration of any bird deterrent system into your project, we ensure success and improve results over using manufacturer provided generic templates, or worse; leaving the design and integration up to the low bid subcontractor installer.  More Information...

Existing Building

Ask three companies how to handle a bird problem and you get three different answers and three different prices. With no incentive to sell any particular system or solution, Bird Control Advisory acts as the independent voice to help you make the best decision. More Information...

Service Provider / Pest Industry

Project Success, Business Management, & Strategic Consulting for the Pest Control Industry and Bird Control Services Providers. More Information...