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DEP Newtown

City of New York - DEP, Newtown Creek WWTP

Bird Control Advisory consulted for a Pest Control Company client on this Bird Netting Installation project for the City of New York.

Bird Control Advisory performed materials takeoffs and planned the work to be done including means and methods.

We then participated in the installation and trained one of their technicians in the field.


Building Design Led to bird problem

The balconies on this administration building are freely accessible to pest birds. The long balcony on the 4th floor faces east which provides shelter from westerly winds, rain, and snow. The area is not frequently used and the opening measures 200’ x 5’.
The opening on the 2nd floor measures 35’ around x 6’ tall, but starts 4’ off the floor. A combination of winds and a lack of tie-offs made it essential that portions of this work be done from a boom lift rather than ladders within the balconies.

Pigeons Roosting

Longstanding Home for Birds

Even after the netting was installed for the first 75’ length, the birds still found their way in from the opposite end to regain their long-term roosts. The area shown was cleaned 3 days prior to the mess shown here.

Bird Netting Installed

Field Based Training

Training a new bird control technician meant helping him understand proper safety, teaching him how to use new tools, and getting him comfortable working from heights his first time. It took an 80’ straight lift to reach the height of the 4th floor balcony.

Balcony Enclosed With Bird Netting

Permanent Solution To Pest bird Problem

The 3/4” netting installed will be a permanent solution to the pigeon problem previously plaguing this building and one that is much better than the ultrasonic setup the facility manager had previously purchased.


Mission Accomplished

And voila! A 2nd floor balcony area is now enclosed with netting too.