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Bird Netting

Project Examples

The slideshow below shows examples of projects that I have been responsible for as either a design consultant or design/build contractor providing all labor, equipment, and materials to the client. My philosophy is to be thorough in design and planning accounting for functional and aesthetic needs, using only top quality materials intended to stand the tests of time.

To expedite this process for you, I cannot type out details to each photo, but am happy to schedule a call to walk through the slideshow with you. 

Briefly: To start there are a series of photos from a Smithsonian 40,000 square foot hangar at the Hazy Air & Space Museum I was the Consultant for last year. I also included some industrial applications of netting I did for clients in the pharma industry and a power company. There are a few images showing historic buildings as well. I wanted to demonstrate variety and that each application is unique.