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My First Bird Control Consultation

Everywhere I go, I see birds. More explicitly, I see bird control, or at least the need for it. Last week I was out with my son at a Lego Discovery Center in Yonkers, NY and came across a representation of my very first bird control consultation. 

I was asked by 360 Architecture to examine their designs for the exterior louvers of the New Meadowlands Stadium, now MetLife Stadium. What I determined was that the angle of the louvers along with the slickness of the aluminum surface would be sufficient to prevent roosting.

However, I added that the louvers are far enough apart that birds could easily fly through into the structure and roost on the horizontal support beams just behind the louvers. The architects then clarified that their scope of work for me was specifically limited to the louvers themselves and asked that I remove reference to the interior beams from my report. 

Fast forward, the building performed exactly as I suggested it would and the Facilities Operations team then had a significant expense to remedy the situation. 

MetLife Stadium Louvers
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