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Making light of bird deterrence...

What does the lighting of a building have to do with bird deterrence?

Everyone already talks about the effect of interior lighting of skyscrapers being an attractant and confusing migratory birds, leading to their striking the glass. 

But what about the exterior lighting of a building? 
Does the type of lighting have an effect on birds? Sure... it give them somewhere to perch!

Lighting also has an impact on how to plan for bird deterrent system installation. Netting under a canopy may enclose lighting. The "standard" installation is to build in a zipper underneath the lighting. It's an add-on cost by the installer that makes the fixture accessible for maintenance. However, these zippers make the netting more noticeable and cast a shadow from the light down to the ground. 

Or... an installer with some more skill and imagination would find a way of preventing access to the beams and light top without obstructing the light at all!

This type of thing can be effected in the early stages of design to prevent the need for deterrents at all. Alternatively, this should be thought about when contracting an installer to put the netting system in at your site. Sometimes the "low price vendor" doesn't add the kind of value that a more strategic and creative company would.

Heath WaldorfComment