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Solving the problems others ignore.

I wish I could take credit for thinking up the slogan, "Solving the Problems Others Ignore", but in truth, I just heard it in a Dyson Vacuum commercial. 

I find it very apropos to what Bird Control Advisory does. Positioned in the middle of the Bird Control Industry (if you can really call it an "industry"), the purpose of this entity is to make sense of all the information that's out there and apply it to the architectural and construction fields. 

Unfortunately, the idea of integrating Bird Control Systems into the architectural process is ignored by designers and project managers. So far, each of my clients has come to fruition based on the direction of an owner/facility manager, or from an architect who has been burned by ignoring or underestimating the importance of proper planning of bird deterrence in their project. 

So then comes the question of: how do we help call attention to this overlooked item? Any ideas? 


Heath WaldorfComment