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It's a matter of trust.

Billy Joel looks at love and relationships as "A Matter of Trust." Similarly, and unfortunately, Bird Control is much the same. When you have a building with an existing bird problem or are planning a project that may or may not have a bird problem down the road, it's tough to know where to go to get good information and whom you can trust. 

It is important to think about the sources' motivation in presenting information. Are they bird control suppliers trying to sell more and more product? Are they installers trying to make a quick buck doing an installation of something that may or may not work? 

Bird Control Advisory is specifically an Owner's Representative on the subject of Bird Control. Our motivation is to see our clients eliminate or prevent bird problems through design measures or proper implementation of the most appropriate systems. We ask the right questions and provide strategic answers that are explicitly in our clients' interests. 

Do you know what makes one product more appropriate for a given situation than another? Do you know what a quality installation entails?

Unfortunately, there's a lot of grey in this field. BCA cuts through the murkiness and ensures our clients' get exactly what they need in the short term and long term. 

We look at the environmental conditions that would potentially lead to a bird problem and don't assume that just because a building has a ledge, birds are going to magically appear. After a proper analysis, we often recommend the wait-and-see approach. Bird Control Advisory works first to make alterations to a building's design that would remove the typical areas that attract pest birds to roost, perch, and nest.  

As an Independent Advisory Service to Architects, Engineers, Owners' Reps, and Property Developers, BCA has no incentive to recommend anything that is not necessary just to pad the project value. Our reputation is our whole business. We need to save our clients headaches and money in order to get repeat business and referrals. 


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