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4 Benefits of an Independent Consultant.

I’ve been so busy this summer that I haven’t been able to start writing and publish anything. As the “chief cook and bottle washer” of Bird Control Advisory, I have to prioritize tasks accordingly. For quick consideration, I offer the following. 

Here are 4 quick reasons why working with an independent consultant is beneficial for you, your firm, and your project.


1. You are already dealing with the top person.

If there is additional work to be done, or if there are problems that need to be resolved, you don’t need to talk to anyone else to get a resolution. I don’t have to “take it to my manager” or you don’t need to “talk to your sales associate”, I have the power then and there to make the decision.

How much will this speed up implementation and completion of projects?


2. Your project has the oversight of my entire firm.

Your project is not lost among several engineers and projects within a firm. It has my oversight and my focus. Executives don’t have to wait for a monthly report (if one exists) to see what projects are running behind or need adjustment; I’m already on it.

What will this mean to your peace of mind?


3. Your satisfaction is in my best interest.

One bad service (or even terrible service) may not ruin a large firm’s reputation, but it can surely ruin mine. As a result, I go out of the way to ensure that my client’s work is done well and they felt that they got the value they deserved. I’m not trying to fill my sales quota, or trying to get the top salesperson award. I want to ensure that you get the best solutions and best service so that you’ll want to come back for more and tell all your friends about me. 

Would you like to be more satisfied with the outcomes of your projects?


4. You’ve built a relationship at all levels of my firm.

The person helping you implement the solution, is the same person who helped developed the solution, and the same person who worked with you from the beginning helping determine what you needed. No sales associate came in to understand your needs then an engineer came in to design and implement the solution. I am there throughout and fully understand what the solution means to you and your business. As such, there is no disconnect between sales and engineering, where you’ve been sold a solution that engineering can’t live up to. If I ever promise you the moon and stars, it means that I can deliver it.

Wouldn’t you rather have a partner interested in your success, rather than just be thought of as a customer?


one more reason to work with Bird Control Advisory:

I really love what I do. I love solving problems. I love learning about the buildings and projects I am engaged with. And I really like being successful.